Wedding photographer and videographer duo

A few words about us…

Videographer Yan Blanc

Hello everyone!
I would like to tell a little about myself and about the style of my work. I shoot wedding videos as well as commercial videos.
My films are a combination of reportage style and film look. As a wedding videographer, I try to produce unique images that convey natural emotions and capture the most precious moments of the celebration on your big day.

Our photographer and videographer duo is flexible and easy to work with.

My colleague Ala Breskaya and I do our best to fit in the atmosphere of the event. We work by your side the entire day without you ever noticing it.
We make sure that you and your guests are at ease – over years of experience we have learned to be truly discreet.

Have a look at my videos and visit our blog where you will find useful tips for the organization

of your wedding if you are planning to have it filmed.

Photographer Ala Breskaya

Hello to all who follow us at our website!
My name is Ala Breskaya and I am a professional wedding photographer in Bordeaux.
In duo with Yan, a wedding videographer, we do photo and video shootings of French, English and Russian weddings.
I love working at weddings where I am entitled to capture the happiest moments of people’s lives – the instants of pure beauty.
I take my job as a wedding photographer very seriously as I am in charge of creating a photo reportage that immortalizes the grand day in pictures, moment after moment!
At the same time, nothing else fascinates me more as a photographer than weddings do. There I share in the happiness of the couple, I feel the love for the entire family, I cherish their smiles, laughter, their excitement and tears of joy. At the end of the day, I return home tired with the tension and the stress of the event, but always elated. No other occasion brings me as much energy and as many positive emotions as being a photographer at weddings. If you are ready to share in my delight in weddings, check out this selection of photographs.