Brian and Kate

Domaine de la Fauconnie Campsegret, Dordogne

Ciara and Arnaud

Château de Cazenac, Dordogne

Ciara and Arnaud came to France from Australia for an unforgettable wedding.
I was amazed by the unique atmosphere of the event! 
At our first meeting, we discussed all the details of the wedding day. Ciara and Arnaud are a charming couple indeed, positive and open-minded, which inspired me to create a sophisticated wedding film.
The ceremony was organized by Igor, a friend of the bridegroom. He put great effort into it, conducting the ceremony both in French and in English, which impressed all the guests.
It was just fantastic!


Alex and Kari

Château Le Hameau De Barboro, Bourgogne

Toby  and Ellie

Dordogne, France

Josh and Rebecca


Bordeaux, France

Alexandre and Sophie



 Tom and Lauren

La Rochelle

Maxime and Tamami


Château De La Ligne, Bordeaux

Baptiste et Manon

Sainte-Eugénie de Biarritz

The wedding of Baptiste and Manon was a very joyous one.
Both of them come from the French Basque country, where people love singing, dancing, and merry-making with all their heart. At the ceremony, the guests sang popular songs together. In fact, the newly-weds started singing, and all those present joined them! The cheerful atmosphere was then extended to the reception hall, where the light pulsated to the pace of the music. Everyone was carried away with the magic of dancing! Not a single person managed to keep their seat, and everyone cheered and sang. This was a truly emotional marriage – of course, thanks to the couple, who infected all people present with their sincere joy and delight

Charlotte et Lambert

Biarritz hotel du Palais

Claire et Stefan 

 Château Peyronnet, Bordeaux

 Oleg et Marina


Château Cazenac Dordogne 

Manon et Paul

Château Lacanaud

Oceane et Ludovic

Bassin d'Arcachon