Ciara and Arnaud

Château de Cazenac, Dordogne

Ciara and Arnaud came to France from Australia for an unforgettable wedding.
I was amazed by the unique atmosphere of the event! 
At our first meeting, we discussed all the details of the wedding day. Ciara and Arnaud are a charming couple indeed, positive and open-minded, which inspired me to create a sophisticated wedding film


Iryna et Matthieu

Château Les Bouysses, Lot et Garonne

Every marriage is unique, but that of Irina and Matthieu was truly unusual: Irina is Ukrainian by origin, while Matthieu comes from France, a country where people from all over the world come to tie the knot. So the wedding was organized in France, in the Lot-et-Garonne department, at the Bouysses château.

We first entered into contact on Instagram. Irina sent me a message and then we discussed the details of the wedding in writing...


Alice et Yann

Arcachon, Salle du Tir au Vol

Alice and Yann’s marriage was very emotional and very well organized, to a great extent thanks to Weday’s, a professional wedding planner. I would like to insist on the importance of thorough wedding organization, which is key to having a successful event. Everything has been carefully planned, conceived, and anticipated, from the atmosphere to the music. The Tir au vol reception room in Arcachon was tastefully decorated in a rustic style. The ceremony was very sophisticated,


Clarène et Stéfane

Château la Louviere, Gironde

Clarène and Stéfane from Leognan make a very sweet couple. From the first meetings we found a common language. First, the couple’s initial ideas of the wedding movies were very similar to mine. Second, they are very good-natured themselves! We met at their place, and I immediately felt like among old friends. Clarène welcomed me with a charming smile, and their house is so full of joy, I bet even their dog smiles, too. We drank fruit juice and had a flowing discussion on the organization of their wedding...


Baptiste et Manon

Sainte-Eugénie de Biarritz

The wedding of Baptiste and Manon was a very joyous one.
Both of them come from the French Basque country, where people love singing, dancing, and merry-making with all their heart. At the ceremony, the guests sang popular songs together. In fact, the newly-weds started singing, and all those present joined them! The cheerful atmosphere was then extended to the reception hall, where the light pulsated to the pace of the music. Everyone was carried away with the magic of dancing! 


Wedding Video

 Serge & Yaroslavna

 Bordeaux, Gironde

Marina & Quentin 

Périgueux, Dordogne, Domaine de Montplaisir

Bassin d'Arcachon

And yes it's just a little piece of the dance. But I just wanted to share this energy and atmosphere with you :)